I. IntroductionEdit

Ridgehaven is a province--a Duchy to be specific--of the Queendom of Moonhaven, ruled by her Highess, Queen Sadie, and follow her laws accordingly. Currently it is overseen by the Duchess Larian who is the hand of her Highness in that land, and administers judgement as she sees fit, as is deemed rightful by the Queen of the Havens. As a Haven, the Duchy accepts those from all walks of life as residents, and treats everyone with equal respect.

The Duchy honors all guilds, groups, or titles that a character may have in any of the other Havens. However, they also have factions such as their own branch of the Guard, Townsfolk, and various other positions that are Ridgehaven specific branches of these larger groups. For example, a Captain of the Duchy Guard is not higher in rank than the Captain of the Royal Guard, but may be higher than a normal member of the Royal Guard. You may find the guild halls in the city by looking for signs hung outside buildings.

II. Town LifeEdit

Each week, council with the Duchess (or a stand in), will be held in the Throne Hall for any who wish to bring an issue to her attention. This will be done on Tuesdays from 1PM SLT to 3PM SLT, or longer if it is needed Larian asks that during this time everyone remains IC and conscious of the roleplay going on about them.

III. GeographyEdit

There is only one way in and out of the Duchy by land and that is the high mountain pass. This mountain pass is marked by a sturdy stone portal fit with a metal gate that closes after sundown to deter attackers. Guards are posted after dark at this gate also, should anyone come seeking entry. In these situation, a runner is sent to the keep in search of someone suited to make the decision of whether or not to open the gate for the visitor.

IV. HistoryEdit

The Ridgehaven Duchy has been a part of the Raleigh family for many generations, and has remained relatively unchanged since it’s initial building. The sturdy stone structures have stood the test of time and have an old, weathered look to them. This aged feel does nothing to mar the beauty of Ridgehaven however, and as one passes through the valley gates they catch sight of the town across the fertile fields of wild grass, nestled upon the rising mountains and descending to the inlet harbor. It is a tranquil place of order and peace, protected by the mountains that encircle it, and only entered through the single gate lying to the city’s North, or the harbor on which it sits.

The current ruler of the Duchy is the Duchess Larian, who is without husband, and so manages the land’s affairs on her own. With no living male heir, the seat of power was passed down to her from her father upon his death and in time will be passed down to her children, should she choose to marry and bear them.

In the days of Larian's father, Eddard Raleigh, the land flourished. Trade had been at the highest Ridgehaven had ever seen, and people flocked from every end of the land to take up residence in the Duchy. This prosperity has translated leaders, as the circlet did, and still holds true under Larian's reign.

The Duchy has never been involved in wars, nor had conflict of its own concerning those outside of the formidable mountain barrier. An attack on the town would be virtually impossible, as both paths into the city are easily guarded, and rough to traverse. Because of this wonderful choice of location, Ridgehaven has maintained a neutral flag throughout all significant feuds and has remained unharmed.

V. IC/OOC Rules for this HavenEdit

i. Mission: Ridgehaven strives to provide the players with a rich, immersive atmosphere. Therefore, while you create your individual storylines, we will also guide the general story of the sim with sim-wide plotlines and events. We encourage you to get as involved as you wish, and please contact any of the admins with any ideas, suggestions, questions, or issues you may have.
ii. While in character (IC):
a. These are possibly the most essential rules due to the fact that most of your time in Ridgehaven will be spent in character. Ridgehaven discourages the same things that many other roleplays discourage, like meta-gaming, chatspeak, godmodding, and the creation of mary sue/gary lou characters. Ridgehaven encourages our players to write in a narrative fashion, create well rounded, believable characters, and to help keep our plots--big and small--active and fun. Writing narratively does not mean you have to post novels for every post; short and simple replies are fine also. Narrative writing means that instead of writing something like *smiles kindly lol* I would post "/me smiles kindly." We seek to keep our roleplay uniform and easy to read, so we ask that all of our roleplayers follow this format of post.
Meta-gaming/Godmodding: This is strictly forbidden. Examples of godmodding include the use of OOC information for IC purposes, and performing an action on someone without providing them reasonable space for counteraction. Say, for example, I would like to punch Jack in the face. Instead of posting something like "/me hurls her fist toward Jack's face, connecting with his mouth, thereby breaking his teeth and jaw, and knocking him out," I'd post something like, "/me hurls her fist toward Jack's face, with the intent of hitting him square in the mouth." This is fair play, and allows Jack to take the punch or avoid it, if he has justifiable reason to be able to.
iii. When to be IC/OOC: This is simple: when in Ridgehaven and roleplaying, you are IC. Anything said in open chat will be understood as strictly IC, and we discourage the use of open chat for OOC comments, unless you have something to say that multiple people need to hear. Otherwise, we ask that you keep OOC chat to IMs. so that IC flow is maintained. Along the same lines, we expect everyone to realize that the person playing the character is often a very different person than the character itself, and not all characters will get along. However, OOC harassment will not be tolerated in any form, so please let us know if you have a question or issue about this.
a. We do not tolerate griefing of any kind. This includes shouting in the sim when there is roleplay going on, rezzing items that are not from this time period, using trapping items without consent, pushing, lagging devices, spy devices, spam, and being excessively OOC after having a warning. Nor do we tolerate the attack of an AFK person. If they have left their meter on and gone AFK this is not an opportunity for you to gain experience, nor is it an opportunity for you to play a nasty trick, this is a punishable offense.

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