I. IntroductionEdit

Originially the kingdom of Moonhaven was located on a volcanic island far from the reach of other civilizations. Now, however, after the explosionof the volcano, the Queen Sadie relocated her kingdom to a larger continent and rebuilt her beloved kingdom larger than before.

The Moonhaven province, known to those who do not dwell within it as the capital, harbors creatures of a good, or neutral alignment, and is a generally peaceful place. It experiences problems with the Darkhaven province from time to time, the most recent being the Havens Civil War.

In the town there are numerous homes, several small shops, the royal castle, the docks, and the tavern. The tavern is quite large and acts as a meeting place for the townsfolk and nobles alike.

II. ProvincesEdit

Located in the center of all other provinces. Overseen by Queen Sadie Slade.
Located to the West of Moonhaven. Overseen by the High Elf Vor Torok.
Located to the North of Moonhaven. Overseen by Pharoh Basete (Played by Alexandria Zenovka).
Located to the South of Moonhaven. Overseen by Duchess Larian Raleigh.
Located to the North of Moonhaven (a skybox above Starhaven). Overseen by Jarl Tharston(Played by Inor).

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