I. IntroductionEdit

The Creature Guild of MH/DH (Moonhaven/Darkhaven) which specializes in the role play of creatures big and small. Whether you are a mammal, reptile, amphibian, fish, invertebrate, magical or fantasy creature, you are welcome to join us. We represent the exotic wildlife that populates our world.

We are everything from the insects that buzz around to the huge dragons that menace the land, from the cute little fairy hanging out in the meadow to the devious succubus looking for victims. We could also be the stray dog running round the town or the horses & animals populating the peasant’s farms. Because this is a magical fantasy land, most of us can talk and interact with other beings that live in MH/DH.

Humanoid type creatures such as elves, dwarves, vampires and humans are not part of this guild, but shape shifting creatures are allowed. An example of this would be a werewolf. Part of the time in a humanoid form and another part in wolf form. True shape shifters can assume the form of many different types of creatures and are a big help to MH/DH. We are always looking for different types of creatures to populate and menace the land.

The Creature Guild's main focus is on it's mentoring system and creating opporunities for creatures to interact (roleplay) with the general population of MH/DH.

II. RanksEdit

The guild has ranks and tasks that reflect a member's status and accomplishments. There are four levels of skill within the guild. Once you have accomplished the tasks of one skill level, you can progress up to the next one.

NEWBORN: These are the newly created / born creatures just arriving in the world. They are still new to role playing as their chosen creature.
ADULT: A player who has mastered their creature's abilities and combat skills. They participate in role play story lines. They also mentor Newborns.
ELDER: A player who has been role playing as their chosen creature for a long time. They help set up & role play story lines. They also supervise the mentoring of Adults & Newborns.
GUILD LEADER: A player at this level helps to run and maintain the guild. They report to the realms leaders (Lady Vor & Queen Sadie) and are always working towards improving the guild.

The Guild is further divided into different divisions that reflect the general type of animals and monsters within MH/DH. Some creatures may actually fall within two or more divisions such as a dragon. In cases like these, the player must choose which division best suits them. The main purpose for these divisions is to define who and what your creature is, to maintain consistency and to let other players know what you are. If possible, newborn creatures will be assigned a mentor who is already playing within the division that creature is placed in. Two or more creatures of the same type can create thier own "herd", "pack", "litter", etc. This will help players find appropriate forms (avatars), weapons, etc for their creature of choice. What better way to learn to be a dragon than from another dragon for example.

EARTH: Any animal or creature found on land. Examples: farm animals, dogs, horses, centaurs, nagas, werewolves, driders.
WATER: Any animal or creature found in water. Examples: mermaid, dolphin, whale.
WIND: Any animal or creature found in the air. Examples: fairy, pixie, harpy.
FIRE: Any animal or creature that is based in fantasy or magic and can travel to different planes of existence. Examples: angels, demons, shadows, zombies.

Each of these divisions is further divided between Dark, Light and Neutral. This is a reflection of a creature's general outlook on life.

DARK: Creatures and monsters with a generally bad or evil nature.
LIGHT: Creatures and monsters with a generally kind or good nature.
NEUTRAL: Common creatures such as dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, etc fall in this category.

For example: a demon would be a DARK FIRE creature while a fairy would be a LIGHT WIND creature. Many and all variations are possible as long as you are consistent with your creature's character.

III. Task List for the Guild MembersEdit

These are the tasks you will be expected to complete before you can progress up to a higher level within the guild. A guild elder or leader must certify that you have completed each task.

NEWBORN Creatures are expected to:
1. Purchase an Azora meter, set it up, and review the documents. Do the same for the Azora Tournament Meter.
2. Develope their creature’s avatar, personality and weapon of choice.
3. Procure a weapon & healing tool to use. We use the level 1 and level 10 tournament meters in sparring sessions so weapons and healing tools can either be level 1 or level 10. Use sparring sessions to learn the use of weapons and healing tools. You must learn how wear, use, sheath and unsheathe your weapons and healing tools.
4. Take a tour of the SIM. Ask fellow members for guidance and assistance. This will help introduce you to your fellow Guild Members
5. Seek out a Mentor. This should be someone of a higher rank within the Guild. Offer your assistance in return for their guidance.
6. Sooner or later, all creatures will probably get involved in combat. You must learn how to fight and heal using the azora combat meter. To accomplish this, you must learn to use a variety of weapons and healing tools. To assist you in becoming familiar with these items, learn the list of common terms and types of weapons. Speak to your mentor about this.
• Melee • Ranged • Blade • Blunt
• Fire • Ice • Poison
• Bandages • Healing Potions & Powders • Ranged Healing
• Resurrection Scroll • Healing Shrines
7. Attend Guild Meetings. Periodically, members of the Creature Guild will hold meetings during which guild business is addressed, new members are introduced and role play is discussed
8. Join an appropriate grouping for your type of creature if there are at least two or more in the creature guild. (Your "herd", "pack", "litter", etc.)
ADULT Creatures are expected to:
1. Master all of the above.
2. Participate in sim generated role play.
3. Give tours of MH/DH to new arrivals.
4. Support other Guilds by participating in events or attending in a way that is appropriate for a creature.
5. Recruit new members to the Creature Guild and answer any inquires about the guild.
6. Offer to mentor newborn creatures or to find an elder creature to mentor them.
7. Set up an appropriate grouping if there are two or more of the player's creature type. (Your "herd", "pack", "litter", etc.)
ELDER Creatures are expected to:
1. Master all of the above.
2. Mentor newborns and adults. Supervise the mentoring of newborns by adults.
3. Help set up and role play story lines within the guild, with other guilds and groups in MH/DH.
4. Set up and supervise "Herds". Example; Flock of Harpies, School of Mermaids, etc.
GUILD LEADER Creatures are expected to: This is a special catagory held by a select few. A Guild leader has demonstrated skills and talents in many areas of the guild. This person is a self starter and willing to take responsibility for the health and welfare of the creatures of MH/DH. The Guild Leader is like a conductor…ensuring that all are able to be a viable part of the guild. A Guild Leader needs to understand how to advertise, coordinate, set up, run and clean up a major festivity in MH/DH. The Guild Leader needs to manage the duties of the guild, and respond to questions and needs by delegating and leading by example. The Guild Leader understands that role play in this guild is the heart beat of Moonhaven and Darkhaven. You can understand all you must “do” for the guild and the group as a whole, but to have your heart connected to the pulse of the guild is vital. Integrity to the storyline must be maintained, and protected by a leader at this level. The Guild Leader would never use the public chat or notices as a sounding board for complaints. This leader, is a leader of leaders.
Requirements to become Guild Leader:
1. Must have been a member of Moonhaven/Darkhaven for at least six months.
2. Able to run the guild effectively during the absence of the other Guild Leaders (trial period) and the current Guild Leaders believe the player is ready to take command of the guild.
3. Has gained the trust and approval of the Owners
4. Ability to mentor all levels of creatures.
Tasks of the Guild Leader:
1. Oversee the guild – call meetings and be able to delegate to other members the responsibilities of the guild.
2. Provide a weekly report of the status of the guild to be given to the Owners.
3. Sponsor entertainers and events as appropriate for the reasonable maintenance of the guild
4. Receive and enter all experience points for guild members, keeping records of the history of each member of the guild
5. If the charter or documents of the guild need to be updated or altered/revised…a Guild Leader is put in charge of this process. All changes of great magnitude must be approved by the Owners.
6. Supervise the qualifications of candidates and the issuance of status to all candidates.

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